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Oriental Summer Camp
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Oriental Summer Camp 2022

The Oriental summer camp has been successfully held for 20 years.

Our morning academic classes are taught by licensed teachers that will provide a rich educational environment. We offer reading, writing, math and ESL classes. 

Afternoon classes will focus on interactive play, socialization, art, sports, Mandarin class, out-door play. Students will engage in educational games with peers and caring teachers in safe, supervised, and enriching ways. 

Classes and activities (07/06/2022-08/26/2022)


Enrollment target:

K-6th grade students

Summer camp time:


(eight weeks)

Teacher’s background

The summer camp is led and taught by a number of experienced Chinese and American teachers who hold New York teacher licenses.


This year we want to encourage more outdoor recreational activities and promote a healthy lifestyle to keep the children active. This will involve more field day sports and outdoor excursions to botanical gardens and nature exploration. We will take students to the movies and balling, gym and some children outside play grounds.

Summer Camp offer government breakfast、lunch、afternoon snack


All students MUST hand in a copy of their health form dated before the summer school start. Students who do not have a health form will not be allowed to attend camp until they have given an updated copy.


Price  List

Registration Form


PS 21Q Oriental

Summer Camp

2022 Price List 

Student Information Sheet

for Parents to Fill Out

​Location & Contact Information

Art Class

Site Supervisor:

Jean McDonald

Tel: 718-909-9318


147-36 26 Ave Flushing, NY 11354

Tel: 718-909-9318


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